1961 - The Company foundation

Helmut Sinn, an instructor for blind flight and former World War II pilot, founds the company “Helmut Sinn Spezialuhren” in Frankfurt am Main. The company's core business is the manufacture of, navigation clocks and pilot chronographs.

1985 - The 140 S in outer space

German physicist and astronaut Professor Dr. Reinhard Furrer wears the 140 S on his wrist during the D-1 spacelab mission and proves herewith that the self-winding mechanism of a mechanical wristwatch works even in weightless conditions.

The company headquarters moves from “Rödelheimer Parkweg 6” to their current location with the address “Im Füldchen 5–7”.

1992 - The 142 S in outer space

During the Mir-92 mission, astronaut Klaus-Dietrich Flade wears a 142 S.

1993 - On board the Columbia

Once again, the 142 space chronograph plays a role in a space mission. On the second German Spacelab mission, the D-2, the space chronograph accompanied the crew during their 10 days in space. The watch flies 6.7 million kilometres and orbites the earth 160 times on board the NASA space shuttle Columbia.

1994 - A new era begins

Certified engineer Lothar Schmidt acquires the company on September 1 and initiates a major strategic reorganisation to lead the company into the future and enhance its technological expertise. The company is renamed “Sinn Spezialuhren GmbH”.

The company's first new model is the 244 made of titanium with Magnetic Field Protection and a freely oscillating suspended movement. With its Magnetic Field Protection feature, Sinn Spezialuhren far exceeds the DIN standard for anti-magnetic watches and minimizes magnetic disruption.

1995 - The first gold watch made by SINN

Despite its unusually high proportion of gold (917/1000), the 22-carat special alloy matches the material hardness of stainless steel (220 HV).

Ar-Dehumidifying Technology is introduced for the first time, in the 203 Ti Ar diving watch. The new technology prevents the crystal from fogging up even when faced with sudden temperature changes and effectively retards the aging process of the components in the watch, thereby extending the functional life of the watch.

1996 - Development of HYDRO Technology

HYDRO Technology is introduced for the first time, in the 403 HYDRO. This technology guarantees absolute freedom from fogging, pressure resistance at every accessible diving depth and optimal readability under water at any angle.

1997 - Sinn Spezialuhren introduces the EZM1 and EZM2 mission timers

Known as a maker of special timepieces, SINN once again proves its competence with the development of two extraordinary mission timers known as the EZM1 and EZM2. These timepieces are designed for use in missions by special police forces and the GSG 9 (German federal police special fprce), where precise timing can mean the difference between life and death. The mission timers focus on the absolute essentials: optimal readability and perfect measurement of time. In the following years, additional mission timers were developed for special, professional user profiles.

1998 - – 45°C up to +80°C

Sinn Spezialuhren perfects Ar-Dehumidifying Technology in combination with SINN special oil 66-228 to create a Temperature Resistance Technology, with which watches remain functional between temperatures of –45 °C up to +80 °C.
Equipped with the newly development technology, the chronograph 303 KRISTALL is tested at the Yukon Quest, the world's most demanding dogsled race, and passes the test with flying colours.

The 103 Ti Ar is honoured with the “Goldene Unruh” award which is rewarded for the first time.

1999 - The 203 ARKTIS

The 203 ARKTIS chronograph passes with flying colours an endurance test in the Arctic Sea on the wrist of extreme diver Mario M. Weidner.

SUG (Sächsische Uhrentechnologie GmbH Glashütte) is founded in Glashütte. The company manufactures technologically sophisticated watch cases for Sinn Spezialuhren.

The introduction of the Frankfurt Financial District Watch represents a true milestone in the company's history. It is the first in a whole series of models. The words “Frankfurt am Main” appear on the face of a SINN watch for the first time.

2001 - Development of DIAPAL Technology

DIAPAL Technology is used for the first time in the 18-carat white gold Frankfurt Financial District Watch (6000 Jubilee). The new technology features a special combination of materials that requires no lubrication, thereby ensuring long-term precision of the movement.

2003 - Development of TEGIMENT Technology

TEGIMENT Technology is used for the first time in the 756 model. The stainless steel watch case hardened using the pioneering technology effectively protects against scratching.

2004 - Limited-edition chronograph 958 with a stay-set indicator

Participants in the “most demanding adventure in the world,” the “Fulda Challenge”, wear the newly developed 958 model, a limited-edition chronograph with a stay-set indicator.

The SINN 958 at the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring's “Green Hell”. Hans-Joachim Stuck wins the 24-hour-race at the Nürburgring race track wearing a 958 on his wrist.

2005 - Watch cases made of German Submarine Steel

For the first time, SINN uses German Submarine Steel as the case material for a diving watch.

Sinn Spezialuhren is the first company in the watch industry to have its diving watches certified by Germanischer Lloyd* of Hamburg for compliance with European standards for diving equipment.

2006 - “Goldene Unruh” award for the white gold Frankfurt Financial District Watch

In polling for the “Goldene Unruh” award, the white gold Frankfurt Financial District Watch takes first place, and the 956 Classic takes second place.

The 756 and 900 models were put to a particularly demanding test of their robustness at the DEKRA Technology Center at the Lausitz Eurospeedway in Klettwitz, Germany. Normally the centre performs rigorous materials tests for the international automotive industry.

For the 6100 REGULATEUR series, SINN develops the SZ04, based on the Unitas 6498 pocket watch calibre. This is a movement with regulateur display and second stop function. The exclusivity of these watches is also underlined by the use of superior movement parts such as the Glucydur screw balance and the Triovis precision adjustment system.

2007 - Excellent ranking in Best Brand 2007 poll

Sinn Spezialuhren takes second place in the pilot's watch category in polling for the “Best Brand” conducted by the trade magazine “aerokurier”.

2008 - “Goldene Unruh” award for the REGULATEUR 6100 Rose Gold

The REGULATEUR 6100 Rose Gold takes first place in polling for the “Goldene Unruh” award.

2009 - Victory for the 917 GR Rally Chronograph

Racing champions Walter Röhrl and Peter Göbel win the Costa Brava Rally for historic racing cars while wearing the 917 GR Rally Chronograph.

Polar explorer Arved Fuchs relies on the robustness of the U2 diving watch for his arctic expeditions.

Together with a number of renowned partners we are supporting educational and cultural institutions in the form of universities, schools, music schools and public arts projects. MILAN is the first cultural project to receive support.

2010 - SINN watches on rough-road simulation track

On the full vehicle test rig at the Fraunhofer Institute for Operational Stability and System Reliability (LBF) in Darmstadt, the 757 DIAPAL, 900 PILOT, U1000, 6000 Frankfurt Finance District Watch and the 917 GR withstand extreme impact and vibration during testing on a simulated rough road track.

SINN watches take first place for the 900 PILOT, first place for the 6100 Rose Gold and second place for the Frankfurt Financial District Watch in platinum in polling for the “Goldene Unruh” awards, making SINN Spezialuhren the most successful brand.

2011 - Anniversary chronograph for company's 50th birthday

A limited edition of just 500 special anniversary chronographs is presented in March 2011 to commemorate 50 years of SINN. SINN develops its own SZ05 movement for this watch. The anniversary chronograph sells out within three weeks.

The central stop minute hand – the SZ01. Development started in 2003. It was based on the clearly readable and well-known Lemania 5100. The SZ01 chronograph movement is designed so that any watch using it can also feature a centre-mounted, jump 60-minute stopwatch. This allows stop times to be taken even more simply, quickly and accurately.
The EZM 10, a Mission Timer made from high-strength titanium, is the result of many years of development work on the SZ01.

2012 - TESTAF presentation

Aachen University of Applied Sciences and Sinn Spezialuhren present the first technical standard for pilot watches (Technischer Standard Fliegeruhren – TESTAF) on 19 July 2012 at the German headquarters of the leading helicopter and aircraft component manufacturer Airbus Helicopters (formerly Eurocopter) in Donauwörth. The development of this technical standard breaks new ground, as there was previously no suitable standard for pilot watches. TESTAF, the result of a research project at the initiative of Sinn Spezialuhren, ensures that a pilot watch meets all time measurement requirements during flight operations in accordance with visual and instrument flight regulations.

Sinn Spezialuhren presents the first watches certified according to TESTAF standards in the world. In the first series of trials, three SINN models meet the requirements. Various adjustments need to be made for these three watches to meet all the testing criteria. Subsequently, the EZM 10 TESTAF, 103 Ti UTC TESTAF and 103 Ti TESTAF passed all tests successfully. In addition to the certificate, this is proven by the TESTAF quality seal on the dial.

2013 - SINN 857 UTC TESTAF: the basis for a new standard in pilot watches

At the request of Sinn Spezialuhren, the German Institute for Standardisation is developing the first standard for pilot watches in line with German Industry Standard DIN 8306 for diving watches. This new draft DIN 8330 is based on the technical standard for pilot watches (Technischer Standard Fliegeruhren – TESTAF), which will continue to be valid for testing and certifying pilot watches.

2014 - 15 years of Frankfurt Financial District Watches

Launched in 1999, the Frankfurt Financial District Watch is celebrating its 15th anniversary. As a result, Sinn Spezialuhren is presenting Frankfurt Financial District Watch models 6052 and 6099. For the Frankfurt Financial District Watch 6052, we have developed the SZ03, which enables calendar week display

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